6 Melbourne Graduates of Boot Camp for Start-Ups

Another Monday night in Melbourne’s silicon laneway, another Monday night meeting of Lean Start-Up Melbourne. This month’s event, generously supported by inspire9, Kussowski Brothers, BlueChilli and Alphastation, featured 6 start-ups who have recently completed the AngelCube accelerator programme.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.51.49 AM

In no particular order, here are Angelcube’s Class of 2013:

A couple of the presenting founders, Tablo and Coinjar, have both been mentioned previously in this blog. I’m still very impressed with the simplicity of Tablo, a self-publishing platform for ebooks, and if they can figure out a B2B or aggregation model, I think they will have a great future.

As for Coinjar, the idea is right (a trading and merchant platform for Bitcoins) but there are still too many regulatory uncertainties and other risks associated with virtual currencies. And as the good people of Hong Kong know only too well, even established voucher schemes such as cake coupons backed by real money and physical goods can have a detrimental effect on local markets…

OutTrippin is a cross between 99Designs, TripAdvisor and Airbnb – selling curated travel itineraries and booking facilities for FITs (free and independent travellers). My sense is that while there is an opportunity in this space, the trick will be to successfully match trip planners and holidaymakers. Given the initial focus on the niche honeymoon market, it will be interesting to see how much traction OutTrippin can generate in the next 12-18 months (given the long-term planning logistics of most wedding events….).

etaskr is an insourcing solution for larger companies – combining elements of Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, Yammer and LinkedIn. It aims to match employee skills (not job function or department) with specific tasks, to enable organisations to better utilise available resources to meet fluctuating workflow volumes. Based on audience questions raised on the night, etaskr may need to look at back-end solutions that facilitate intra-company cost allocation and revenue recognition – good luck with that one!

I will be the first to admit that I can’t really get my head around c8apps – a mobile gaming platform for fantasy sports. I’m probably the wrong demographic for this type of offering, so I can’t really express a view – but the fact that c8apps claim to have some significant media deals in the pipeline and are engaging with several major sporting codes probably means they are doing something right; unfortunately, I just don’t get it myself.

Finally, OziRig is bringing custom-designed professional rigging equipment to the global  film and photography industry. Essentially a component sourcing and assembly model, OziRig aims to undercut the competition on price and service – but several members of the Lean Start-Up audience wondered about the risks of copyright and design infringement.

These 6 graduates of the boot camp for start-ups are now embarking on a round of investor pitches in the USA. I wish them well and every success.

Footnote: Thanks to the sponsors for some much appreciated beer and pizza on the night. And for a couple of alternative perspectives on the evening’s events, please check out my fellow bloggers: Chris Chinchilla and Innerloop.

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