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    • Hi Diana,

      Most of the published literature tends to focus on the technology, the BTC story, and the disruption to financial services. This is a good starting point to get some context on blockchain itself: https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/a-gentle-introduction-to-blockchain-technology

      When it comes to individual organisations, I’m sure that a few years ago, boards were telling their CTOs to “get us some of that Blockchain….” But every industry will have a different perspective, and because the technology is evolving so fast, companies will need to figure out a way to make sense of it for themselves. For example, should they be focused on DLT capabilities, tokenisation, smart contract coding and design, DeFi protocols, or NFTs? Regarding the latter, we are yet to see the full potential of these tokens, which goes well beyond digital art, memes and animated gifs.

      Often, people ask me “how can I use blockchain in my company?”, or “how do I build my project on the blockchain?” In response, I get them to think about the problem they are trying to solve and/or define the use case where they want to deploy a blockchain solution. Very quickly, they realise either: (1) the specific use case does not require blockchain; or (2) someone has already built a solution which they could deploy for themselves; or (3) the technology is beyond them (i.e., they are not coders, programmers or developers, and resources in this space are in demand!).

      For example, one project I am working with is starting with NFTs, but the team is already looking at how blockchain can be used within their supply chain, renewable energy and carbon offset activities.

      Finally, despite working in this sector since 2016, I completed the RMIT Designing Blockchain Solutions course earlier this year, as it helped to provide some further practical context for the knowledge and experience I have gained. It’s not heavy on the tech, and it really does get students to think about the “why” as well as the “what” and the “how” of deploying blockchain solutions.

      Hope this helps – happy to chat over coffee in the New Year.

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