Australia Post – a postcript….

My long-suffering experiences with Auspost have featured in this blog before, and have even prompted their social media consultants to get in contact with me. But for all the customer feedback and complaints thrown their way, Auspost just don’t seem to get it. No wonder the business struggles.

Here are just a few of the most recent episodes in the saga:

  1. A parcel being sent from WA to VIC using Auspost standard tracking was delayed because the item was returned to the outbound sorting office.
  2. Another parcel being sent from NSW to VIC was delayed because it was diverted via Tasmania.
  3. Following the January 1 increase in letter rates, and the new “priority” service, it now costs more than double what it used to for the same level of service, and means that the letter post is now a 3-speed service. While I understand the need to address declining letter volumes, won’t the additional administration costs actually erode any revenue increase?  The counter staff I spoke to yesterday openly admitted that Auspost’s strategy is to “kill off” letter services completely. I hope the government is aware of this….
  4. Today, the counter staff I spoke to about parcel rates expressly stated that what she sees on the Auspost counter terminals differs to the advertised rates on the public website. Isn’t that misleading conduct?

My biggest complaint with Auspost is this:

The growth in online shopping is driving the increased volume of small parcels. However, for both domestic and international parcels, the rates for items between 500g and 2kg frequently exceed the value of the items being sent. I don’t see why Auspost can’t introduce more sophisticated pricing for large letters and small parcels using increments of 50g, up to 2kg. Otherwise, they risk damaging the revenue growth coming from small parcel business.