10 Random Ideas for the #StartUpFuture Lightning Conference

Before I attended the recent Lightning Conference called to discuss Victoria’s #StartUpFuture, I jotted down I few rough ideas to take with me on the day. They need more work if anyone is interested in contributing to them:

1. Register of Tools & Ideas (not a job bulletin board)

  • what projects/initiatives are people working on (might be a piece of IP that hasn’t gone anywhere?)
  • what solutions are people looking for
  • what help do people want/can offer
  • curated matching

2. Foster collaboration & co-creation

  • from which innovation & entrepreneurship will emerge
  • connecting suppliers – build solutions collectively

3. The (re-)start-up of me

  • we are all micro businesses
  • by 2020 – 40% of workers will be “casual”
  • need for training/upskilling workers
  • paid periods of study leave for SMEs (use long-service leave to kickstart your idea?)

4. A quota of government tenders and projects have to go to SMEs or startups

  • Gives startups better access to opportunities
  • Enables government to get early access to new ideas
  • Would foster more startup activity designed to help the public sector

5. Innovation & Entrepreneur Fairs – Trade Shows (Regular Road Shows?)

  • to address social/community/economic initiatives
  • what are the priorities for next 5 years (Private, Public, Social)
  • who wants to contribute and how
  • mini-consortia to bid on projects
  • outcome focus – R&D plans, simplified contracts, tax breaks, rates holidays
  • hiring new/old workers (1:1) “Your Idea, My Experience”

6. Pre-screening platform – how to be discovered and to find projects?

  • register of experts (ADB model)
  • register of “inventions”
  • screening process:
    • inventors submit ideas/proposals
      • where do they need help
      • what do they need validating
      • who would they like to work with
      • what type of clients (ideal customer)?
    • panel of experts review proposal (anonymously)
    • rate/rank ideas on key criteria (free)
    • risk/reward rating (scores get published, teams can bid on projects)
    • offer to help (remuneration)
    • make introductions (fee)
  • collective access to the IP value created
  • connect people with similar ideas – 2 heads better than 1

7. Startup Kit/User Guide

  • “what would you have liked to have known before you started your business?”

8. Intrapreneurship – “Intel Inside”

  • small ideas within large organisation
  • ring-fence new initiatives but back with resources and relevant skills
  • try before you buy – see how both sides feel about the other
  • focus on incremental & continuous improvement & sustainability
  • opportunity to license the IP

9. Education program (primary & secondary)

  • use existing channels like LMS/content platforms
  • code.org
  • KidsLogic.net

10. Funding

  • model where banks, instos & corporates use part of their marketing budgets to “invest” in or back new ideas
  • not an equity model, or a loan, and separate to R&D tax breaks
  • benefits to “investors”:
    • right of first refusal over products/services
    • branding or naming rights
    • goodwill in wider community
    • R&D at low-cost
  • benefits to “borrower”
    • tax-free income
    • partnership
    • leg up

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